Friday, June 22, 2012

Now the wedding is over. So I should have more time left to blogging and crafting. So after I took my long long break of Wedding stuff. I got my "You only have 3 more months until you get married" email I jumped up and started crafting, getting outfits, and doing a ton of research.
I didn't want a traditional guest book so I went on pinterest and found something nature-ish to use.

It was a tree where the guests put their names and fingerprints as their signatures in the guest book.

To the left is my version. I drew out a basic shape of a tree then, I hand painted it with acrylic paints and water. Getting it to be just the way I wanted it to be took me 6 hours (3 days 2 hours each)

I also learned that it is not a good idea to paint the tree before the background. So the next time I paint I will do the background FIRST. I am sure that this is a common first timers mistake.

Next up came the invitations. Again trying to save money was what I was trying to do so I found some handmade looking paper and set upon a search for medieval themed wording for our invitations. After a couple of days of searching and finding websites where I had to pay to get anything I found All About Renaissance Faires which had quite a bit of information. I came up with an invitation and wording for the RSVP and got it ok-ed by the hubby.

Managed to get them both on one page to save paper. We also hand delivered the ones that went to people in the area and sent the rest with a "messenger" (someone who was going that way) to save on postage since most of them were sealed with wax.
Others were folded, sealed and sent in a bubble wrap envelope. I got rave reviews for the wording and the craftiness of it. Big Kudos to my crafting skills. Made me quite proud.

Then it was off to the flowers and other items but more on that next Friday.